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Banque Solfea

Postal optimization and document traceability for a fast and robust ROI.


The Banque Solfea is a subsidiary of Gaz de France (GDF) Suez specialized in offering credit to finance energy-efficient home improvements (source : Wikipédia).

After a change of ERP in 2013, the Banque Solfea consulted S+D for its Dibox solution. The bank had a need to manage its automated document factory (ADF) and an greater requirement for traceability.

Following this collaboration, the bank expected a strong return on its investment.


The figures were impressive. Thanks to the addition of Dibox to the Banque Solfea’s ADF, savings in postal optimization (and printing) amounted to €230,000* over a three-year period (including Dibox operating costs). In the first year alone, €46,000* were saved because of « smoothing the Dibox investment » (contact us to find out more).

230 000* € savings within three years.

Our work focused on the following elements:

  • consolidation,
  • output management for sorting, bundling, splitting and franking,
  • and industrialization of printing.

Thanks to Dibox, the Banque Solfea has added benefit of a truly integrated “track & trace” system. The document flow was therefore entirely tracked and traced (input file checking, editing, printing, sending, receipt, etc.), perfectly meeting Solfea’s requirements in this area.

*These figures should be adjusted upward (by approximately 30%), since ownership of the Banque Solfea by GDF has not only reduced operating costs but also made it possible to negotiate a better contract based on large volume. But even excluding the GDF contract, the savings are still impressive if you just consider the factor of optimizing document production, ensured by Dibox.